Panel Repairs

Our team of highly experienced panel beaters and tradespeople have the skills required to repair any panel damage on your vehicle. From minor scratches and dents to major repair damage, our workshop is equipped to deal with all compositions of metal and plastics by using the latest tools and equipment.

We guarantee that your vehicle will be returned to you looking as new as the first day you bought it.

Chassis Alignment

After an accident, there is always a chance your vehicle’s chassis, meaning the structural framework of your vehicle may be bent out of shape. This will affect the way your vehicle drives and handles on the road, causing wear and tear on parts and compromising the safety of your vehicle.

Using our GlobalJig Koala Bench measurement and alignment rack we can compare the condition of your vehicle to its manufacturer specifications, allowing us to use precision tools to work your vehicle back into a pre-crash shape.

Spray Painting

Artini Crash Repairs is fully equipped to handle a variety of spray painting repair requirements you may have. Our paint specialists will match the colour of your vehicle by using the latest in colour matching technology. With our methods and the use of premium Spies Hecker environmentally friendly waterborne paints, we produce an industry leading finish creating customer satisfaction.

Your vehicle is returned back to you with a Spies Hecker guarantee of quality.


ADAS Calibration 

ADAS calibration involves aligning the sensing devices in your car so that they function properly after an accident.

According to vehicle manufacturers, it is mandatory to recalibrate your ADAS during the following scenarios:
• Windshield replacement
• Collision
• Replacement change in Tyres or ride height
• Sensor lights are on or flashing

Here at Artini Crash, we can do all of this in house with our new BOSCH DAS3000 S20 system, eliminating any possible repair delays due to ADAS issues.


Paintless Dent Repair

In many cases with minor panel damage on vehicles, only the metal below the surface is bent out of shape, leaving the paint layer unscathed. In instances like this we have precision tools our technicians use to smooth out the dent.

This specialised technique of repair cannot be performed by all crash repairers, so we are proud to be able to offer this service to our customers. Even better, this form of repair is a cost effective approach which will benefit our clients hip pocket.


If you want your car looking like new again, we have an experienced detailing technician who uses the latest in detailing technology and products available. We have a wide variety of services we offer our clients to keep their car looking in the best condition possible:

  • Paint protection
  • Headlight re-UV coating
  • Full interior & exterior detailing
  • Paint correction polishing service
  • Re-sale tidy ups
  • Ceramic coating
  • Metal deoxidising
  • Vehicle metal polishing & engine bay detailing

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